February 28th, 2011

Anonymous asked:

I don't have any requests.. but damn I feel so happy when I see you on my dashboard and I go all over the blog again like it's the first time.. I'm grateful to you.. thanks

thank you!

thesleepybeeper asked:

Noooooo. I didn't know it was cancelled. I just started watching season 1 online. :(

HBO is equal to and or greater than 💩

(enjoy the show while you’re watching it for the first time, because you don’t get those moments back) “and in these moments, I feel empty and wanting” basically explains what you will feel like after you’re done with the show.

The Key: Closing Monologue

This kingdom. This amazing kingdom we have made. This monstrous kingdom. Its castles are magic. They are beautiful. They are built on dreams and iron. And greed. They are inorganic, and cannot sustain. No kingdom lasts forever. Even this will end.

And life and Earth will reign again. 

emmerrrrrrr asked:

I'm so glad you're back!


we were still reeling for a while from the cancellation! new year new momentum~.

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